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A unique journey of discovery


Red Deer Park

Come face to face with Britain's largest native land mammal – the majestic Red Deer on our Red Deer Encounter, daily at 1230.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up really close to these magnificent animals. Armed with a handful of deer feed, stroll into our Deer Park with a knowledgeable Safari Ranger to be met by our friendly Red Deer Herd. Feed and stroke these magnificent animals as your Safari Ranger tells you about their fascinating life cycle, likes, dislikes, habits and personalities.

A unique experience with great photo opportunities, ideal for families or individuals seeking a close encounter with nature at its best. Our Red Deer Park also has a viewing platform which is totally free and you can get some great views of our Herd.

Red Deer Park Image Gallery

Red Deer and Barn Owl Encounter

Daily @ 1230

Red Deer and Barn Owl Encounter


20 mins




£15 for a family of 4


  • Exclusive access to our Red Deer Park
  • Cup of Deer Food & knowledgeable Safari Ranger
  • A Safari Pass with savings of over £50
  • Highland Safaris Badge for children

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